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Thursday, December 10, 2009

:: Holiday..Holiday..Holiday.. ::

PD Time!! ^_^

04.05.06/12 i ada reunion with my old friends SMKSK!!
best2..seronok sgt..lg pon lame tak jmper dorg sume..
masing2 sume msti da tak mcm dulu..

so ni my first time gi reunion..seblum nie dorg ada wat..
tp time tue,ada je hal laen..so tak dpt la join..
and kali nie,i tak prdulik..i nk g jgk sbb mysayang gi..
hihi..love u syg..

and syg korang sume!!i have my great time with u guyss!!
then thanks about true or dare yaa..
mng pedih mlm tuee!!hihi
but im really enjoy with u guyss..
THANKS sume..syg korang!!

p/s :: NoraslinJalil ::

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